dear everyone,

i’m pleased to announce my debut album process is now available for pre-order in two formats:

  • digital album, $7 - pre-orders get two bonus tracks
  • physical cd, $15 - in a beautiful digipak featuring art by Ryan Cooper, laid-out with love by Brian Son, and printed by Sire Press. There’s a little pocket for goodies (who knows what could appear in there) and we’re shipping ‘em first-class in a biodegradable mailer (because you deserve it)

pre-orders are able to download the singles “integrate” and “sacrifice” immediately, and then process will be delivered to your inbox on the release day of 9/30.  it’s been a very long road with very many false starts, and i’m so happy to be able to finally present an album to the world.

thank you for listening and go buy it!

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Austin Spotlight: Christopher Norman


A smoky and smooth, crooner-like vocal tone graces this track from Austin’s Christoher Norman.

Previously just turning the knobs, Mr. Norman built this warm electronically backboned gem to introduce himself to our radar. If you think want to bail in the first few seconds, don’t. The song builds in warmth and weight graced by the vocals to the break with a wonderful instrumental out. The second listen is even better.

The album PROCESS is due at the end of the month. Interested.

Austin Town Hall had some kind things to say about my new track “sacrifice”, which you can listen to on their blog over here.

Reblogged from Austin Town Hall

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• PREMIERE: http://bit.ly/TBE5yr12
• DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/TBE5yr11-DL

here’s my fun little take on “Cult Logic” by Miike Snow. Brandon from The Burning Ear has been such a vocal supporter of my material, so when he asked me to participate in his 5 year anniversary coverpalooza I didn’t need any convincing! I’m in the final stages of completing an album, and this track is my much needed breath of fresh air for me. here’s to at least 5 more years of discerning taste and great music :D

Source: SoundCloud / misternorman

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christopher norman is an electronic music producer and singer based in Austin, TX. a man with a minimoog, a melody, and a third thing.


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